Minority Model Residential School (NAVODAYA),YADGIR

Government of Karnataka

Minority Model Residential School (NAVODAYA),YADGIR


Facilities offered at school

1.  Feeding per student at a cost of Rs.1600 / - per month.
2.  Free accommodation.
3.  Supply of uniform shoes and socks with two at a cost of Rs.1000 / - per student.
4.  Haircutting cost of Rs. 60 / - per month for each Boy student (5 times only).
5.  Issue of Textbook and Article materials per student at a cost of Rs.400 / - per year.
6.  Free to every student (toothpaste, soap, brush, oil).
7.  Each student is provided with free medical facilities, bed, blanket, trunk, couch, trial school equipment, teaching equipment, sports   equipment and library facilities..
8.  A monthly allowance of 1000 rupees will be given to every hostel for ten months to clean toilets.
9.  Supply of 2 newspapers for each School.